Can the dv88 play mp3/mpeg4 files?




I own a DV88 which I'm using as my source for 2 channel audio. I was wondering if anyone knows if it is capable of playing mp3's

To be more specific I am trying to burn a disc with tracks downloaded from itunes. The properties of the downloaded files are mpeg4 audio files (protected). I'm new to music downloads and an getting confused - are mp3s the same mpegs and can these files be simply burnt onto a cd-rw to play on my dv88. I've not had any success so far - I get a 'bad disc' message on the display when I burnt 5 tracks the first time!

Any help would be appreciated!



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I am not to sure on this but is the disc finalized when burning it....I don't know if this will stop the disc being recognized?


thanks for the response!

I have had some sucess - mainly by altering the burn settings in the itunes software

I burnt a disc as an 'audio cd' rather than 'mp3 cd' and it played ok

I guess this means that the dv88 can play mpeg's ( it does have mpeg written on the front of the machine). Still not sure what the difference is between mpeg4 and mp3, I'm a bit ignorant I guess. But as long as I can play my dowloaded tracks back through my dv88 I'm happy - they sound pretty good as well!!


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The current Arcam DVD player family including the older DV88 Plus and DV89 can play MP3s in most resolutions and also most WM9 audio files without DRM (digital rights management), but not the AAC files used by Apple. In any case the latter may well be copy protected with Apple's proprietory DRM system.

The original DV88 supports some MP3 resolutions and not (IIRC) long file names. I don't know why your attempt at an MP3 disc didn't work; as you noted, burning as conventional CD files (WAV) should be OK.

John Dawson (Arcam)
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