Can Sony DVPFX815 be made multi-region? (North American equivalent of DVPFX810s)


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Does anyone know if the Sony DVPFX815 can be made multi-region. I think it's the north american equivalent of the DVPFX810s UK model. We're in Canada at the moment and can get it for a real bargain price, but obviously no use unless it can be multi-regioned!

Any help would be enormously appreciated.


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I can't find the thread at the moment, but I asked the same thing a few months ago, and I think the answer was 'no easy handset hack'.

90% of my DVDs are R2, so I ended up buying a UK R2 version for £190 to take to the US, where the exact same player in R1 form was about $180, under half price. The only advantage was I could pick up a spare battery for about £30.

The model number in the US was the same (FX810), so the FX815 may be a Canadian model, or an updated US model. The UK update to the FX810 is the FX850.

I think they are a good buy. The Panasonic players edge them out on PQ and screen size, but the 6 hour battery on the Sony cannot be beaten. I have two batteries, meaning I can watch 5 or 6 full films if needed on long flights/transfers. I would have needed several extra batteries for the Panasonic for that!

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