Can someone who owns Scent of a Woman R1 please do me a favour?


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If you own Scent of a Woman R1, could you please stick the DVD in and tell me how long the movie is for?

I bought the R3 from CD-WOW which appears to be exactly identical to the R1 (even the cover!), but the time on the back is printed as 2hrs 30mins, whereas when I put the DVD in, it says 2hrs 36mins 16secs. I'm hoping this is the same as the R1.....

Thanks in advance :)


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Region 1 version, according to my Pioneer 626D, claims to be a duration of 2hrs 36m 14 seconds.

Also, I'm 99% certain that the UK video version ran about 2hrs 32 minutes, as well, so it looks like just a duration error on the DVD cover. This isn't uncommon.


Squirrel God

Just as I thought! Thanks for doing that.

I was just a tad worried that the R3 might have been censored. They have a habit of ripping out major parts of movies for no apparent reason :rolleyes:

I'd say that makes the R3 from a MAJOR bargain! :)

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Just watched it.

Great transfer considering its age. First time I've seen an uncensored version (I'd previously watched it when it was broadcast on BBC1 and they cut all the F words as usual :rolleyes:).

Still made me shed a tear :blush: and the Thanksgiving dinner scene was hilarious :D (before it got really sad of course :().

Just had a look on CD-WOW with a view to posting the R3 as a special offer as it's way cheaper than the R1, but they don't seem to have any more :rolleyes:

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