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can someone settle a argument please


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Hi, me and a friend are disagreeing about grapics cards.
the question is whats te best graphics card currentley on the market and how many of these can be put in the same desktop computer.

i said the ATI Radeon HD 6870 and a max of 3 can be put in.

he said the nvidia gtx 580 and he said you can put 6 in a desktop.

we have also seen the Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5970 TOXIC 4GB GDDR5 Graphics Card PCI-E 2.0 but not sure which one is best.

i know these graphics cards are close in comparison but what is the best graphics card money can buy and how many can be used on the same computer?

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First you need to agree on what you mean by best. If you're looking for the most efficient card that gives you the best peformance per pound/watt then you're both way out, if you want the best performance in games then you have to decide on which games.

Likewise for the number of cards. Do they have to work together under SLI/Crossfire or is it sufficient for them to be in the system together driving independent monitors (which will work in applications like flight simulator X but not most games)?


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ok i can see you know alot more about graphic cards than me.

but if i wanted to play games like COD and such like in ultra high graphics and i didnt have a budget whats the best graphics card money can buy and whats the maximum i could fit in to one computer for the highest performance and to future proof it.

in your opinion if you had a unlimited budget what and how many graphics cards would you buy.

by the way me or my friend do not intend on buying this its just to settle a argument.



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Well the GTX580 is the fastest single gpu card on the market at the moment, you can run up to 4 of them in quad sli with a suitable motherboard, but the scaling is poor once you go past 3. Even 1 GTX580 is overkill for COD at normal resolutions, unless you want 3d surround.


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I don't know if they are the best but the most expensive card I can remember seeing a review of were the Mar / Ares cards. I think the mars ones were a grand each and you could crossfire them.

Not sure if the new cards that support 6 monitor eye-finity can spread any game over those monitors, maybe 2 of those to give a 12 monitor rack would be cool.

I am sure Razor will know and post the answer sooner or later.


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As they've dropped quad SLI support from the GTX 580 I'd imagine the fastest off the shelf setup is the maximum four GTX 480s in Quad SLI.

You can put any amount of cards you like in a desktop but if you want them to work together to run a game they need to be running in SLI/Crossfre. The maximum for that is:

GTX 480: 4
Radeon 5870: 4
GTX 580: 3
GTX 295/5970/other dual GPUs: 2
Radeon 6870 and other mid-range cards: 2

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