Can someone please help, cant connect this IP cam to pc via router....


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i bought this ip cam below and it goes through all this info on how to connect via wifi etc but i just want it to connect to my pc and router so i can use it via my pc etc for recording and cctv , but even the Ethernet lights on back of the cam wont light up at all when its got Ethernet in just wants to setup via wifi, can someone please tell me if its possible or shall i send it back i have no idea what ive missed

thanks very much for any help

QZT 1080P WiFi IP Camera, 2.4Ghz Wireless Home Security Camera

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According to the Q and A section of the webpage, you need to set it up via WiFi; you have to use 2.4 GHz (not 5 GHz) WiFi.
So try to do this in an area of your house with a good 2.4 GHz WiFi signal (all bars on when you check the WiFi strength on your mobile phone).
Then, quoting the Q and A :
" DowNload the app Press reset button at the back to turn it on and then put the barcode u have been give up to the face of the camera to allow it to scan and then connect it to ur wifi! "
Of course it should say "download and install" the app.


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As above it should be one of those crap WiFi devices that won't' connect to an WiFi network that has the same SSID for both 2.4 and 5.0GHZ networks. You'll either need to do as above, move to an area with 2.4 reception but no 5.0 or temporarily disable 5.0.


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huge thanks for all that much needed info i didnt find, so if i set it up the way you state can i then get it to work on pc via the starcam program which i use for my other 2 ip cams?


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this is the software i use on my pc
and the info for my cam all i can find is whats on the details of the sale page from amazon


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im sorry im such a noob with these new ip cams and i just wanted a cam that would connect to my router like my ip cams i bought about 4 years ago but seams times have changed and if someone can tell me if there is any IP cam on amazon that will do this i will buy that and send this back. im sorry for being a trouble


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i have 2 old ip cams connected to my router and record and view on my pc via starcam software or ispy and i can also view them on my phone if i wish via e-view7 which all works great, but they record 24/7 and fill pc folder by 50gig a day and no motion detection, thats why i was trying to buy new ones

Chris Muriel

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For viewing on a Windows PC, you will have to install and use the dedicated Windows software recommended for the new camera. I very much doubt if Vstarcam software will "see" or recognise your new camera.


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iv'e been down this road myself but with different IP cameras
a lot of the new budget wireless cameras tend to have software that connects to the cloud to make them easier to access, it's not all bad but you'll have to do a bit of homework to get get the video stream address

first thing is to get the cameras iP address from the router
the software i use is ContaCam which is freeware and works very well but has no PTZ feature as far as i am aware
once you have the IP address you need to know which RTSP port it's using which is usually 554
the user name and password could be a default name and pass or something you have set yourself
for example some hikvision cameras ( also swann cameras which are re badged hikvision ) use a default name of admin add password 12345
the web portal for these particular cameras is http://IP Address/doc/page/login.asp?_mac address
which takes to the setup pages of the camera
from there you can get the video stream particulars

a place to start is an i spy web page that gives you most of the info you require

look up your camera or try to find one which is very similar and go from there
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