Can someone please give me a list of Platinum games on the PS2?


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Dec 3, 2003
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Liked the PS2, had it, got rid of it. Might be interested again if I can see what's on the Platinum range. There's 2 Platinum games that have already tickled my fancy. Vice City and Burnout 2.:D
there is a lot of platinum games.

vie city, gta3, burnout 1 and 2, metal gear, final fantasy, conflict desert storm, getaway, jak and daxter, ratchet and clank, fifa 2003, this is football 2002 and 2003, spyro, GT3, GT concept, ssx, ssx tricky, medal of honour, silent hill, bond agent under fire and nightfire, timesplitters 2, smugglers run, red faction, onimusha, midnight club.
im sure there is more but like hell i can remember everything.
WICKED! I've got a good reason to buy a PS2 now! It will take at least 3 months to save up though...
I noticed that Splinter Cell was available in a Platinum edition for PS2. That doesn't seem right, though.
No it doesn't, it's best on the XBOX. Could someone please also give me a list of XBOX Classic titles and Gamecube PLayer's Choice titles please?
flippin heck.... do some research yourself!!

the xb is much the same as the PS2. lots of EA games and the first gen games with the exception of halo.

game cube, again lots of EA stuff, plus star fox, mario, metroid, pikmin, smash bros etc

edit: love the signiture by the way ;)
U like the old sig? Cheers! One of my fave lines from Enterprise. It's from the last episode of season 2.
flippin heck.... do some research yourself!!
Why should he? thats what the forum is for :laugh: ;)
Originally posted by LFC FAN
Why should he? thats what the forum is for :laugh: ;)

Preciesly, cheers for backing my up.

PS - Hows ur S XBox Sonic Heroes? Cube versions alright but I might swap it for an XBox version.

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