Can someone just put my mind at rest...


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does the tosh 32wlt66 run at 1360 x 768 (native) with an xbox 360 over VGA as i know me and others are having probs trying to get a pc to run 1:1 at 1360 x 768

Basically will the LCD get the best out of the 360?

Please say yes!! ;)



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I vaguely remember that that model does not go higher than something like 1024x768 via VGA :(
I was looking at it to buy and that was one of the reasons I gave it a miss (I checked the manual whilst comparing several models and I'm sure that is the reason I discounted that one).


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I don't think so, why knot try VGA.


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Thanks guys

i might take it it back then....:suicide:

as it obviously doesnt support the stated resolution so whats the point! :(

might go for the sammy le32r74dbx


I looked at that thread it's put me off from buying the WLT68 for my X360.

Does anyone know if the Sharp XD1E series has the same kind of issues, or can it do the full advertised res for VGA?

Can someone please explain what exactly are the issues, and what is the problem here?
I own both a WLT68 and a 360 and have no problems [over component] whatsoever, so I'm slightly baffled as to what all the fuss is about.


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does the 32wlt66/8

support the full native res then over hdmi? (1360 x 768) with no probs or is it the lower res stretched like over VGA?


I have a wlt66 and tried the vga at 1360 x 768 and the pic was fine, at 1280 x 720 (720p), the screen went green. Then at 1280 x 1024 was fine apart from the dashboard menus not filling the whole screen, dunno why coz the games still played fine. Only problem i had was the blacks looking a little grey, then again via component they can look too black, ie in a cave in oblivvion i couldent see anything. The wlt handles a 360 fine through vga.


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I've been using 1080i via the component cable with my Xbox360.

I just compared it to the Vga 1360x768 resolution and really couldnt notice much difference as both pictures were nice and sharp.

It's strange how the Tv accepts the Xbox360 Vga 1360x768 resolution as a true 16:9 resolution as it wont give you the option to switch from 4:3 and 16:9 wide mode via the, it's locked out.

I'm assuming this still isn't 1:1 mapping and its stretching a lower resolution image ???? Either way, Xbox via Vga works perfectly.


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but its still not native though if stretching lower res....

is this good enough grounds to exchange for a diff lcd or am i just being @rsey?

Its just whrn u pay a lot of money for a tv you want it to do what it says the res is (1360 x 768) on the specs yet it doesnt really support it! it just stretches it

why cant things be simple :lesson: :)


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it has that panel which is why it is on the spec sheet, it may or may not accept that resolution, which is partly the reason it also accepts 1080i.. accept is the key word here, no matter what you feed it, the image must be its native res, it cant change its a physical item.

now if you are hell bent on 1:1 then you may wish to take it back, but I would hardly say its a low res image stretched, its still a highres image just not quite native to the panel and therefore scaled / stretched. its about 95% of the res... not a biggie really.

Really it boild down to:

does it look good to you?

if not take it back, if it looks good then keep it, its purly subjective, and only you can say one way or another.

After all there are plenty of happy plasma owners enjoying highres gaming at that lower res than that as that what alot of the pannels are i believe

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