Can someone help me with Dual Strike Mission 16

Been playing Advance Wars Dual Strike on my DS on the way to work and am really getting into it. However I have got to mission 16 and cannot seem to destroy the 4 mini cannons to complete the level. I have basically destroyed all enemy machine and human forces but despite my 20 battle ships firing onto 1 of the four cannons constantly they just cant blow them up.

Can anyone help?

Its the level where the cannons are effectively on an island in the middle of the sea meaning tanks and onther land units cannot get to them. I can only shoot them with my battleships.


(tried a google search but couldnt find the answer)
The mission name is 'Omens and Signs'

For some reason this is mission 16 on my DS but google states it is Mission 18.

Anyway any help appreciated


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You have to use the planes which are on the aircraft carriers, there are some at the bottom left which you must protect from being destroyed early on, and there are more at the botom right which you may use later which cannot be harmed until you 'free' them.
Is it normal for one strike whether from the stealth plane or battleship to only exert 1% of damage meaning you have the tedious task of having to hit the 4 cannons 400 times in total. I am currently on day 115 on this mission and still have 2 cannons to take out.

Also is there anyway to reload the battleship once they have run out of firepower of is it a case of just discarding them.

I must have missed something on this mission as I dont think it should be taking that many days. However I have covered the map and captured everything except for the enemy cities on the two island which you cant get soldiers on (at least I think you cant get soldiers on)


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Start the mission again, protect the aircraft carriers and planes inside them.
From what I remember the cannons only take 3/4 hits to take out.
Black boats and going into ports will reload any boat.
You will lose some carriers and planes.

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