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I have a large and capable PC which is connected to my Yamaha 601 reciever, all my music is ripped to a 500gb HDD internal as lossless .WAV files, toslink in to the reciever etc so all good - but...I cant be bothered having to fire up the PC and navigate thru windows etc to play music.

Ideally Id like to take the HDD content and interface it with my receiver via optical in and be able to search for tracks artist etc. I have a HUMAX HD Freeview box which is another interface, itself connected to a little 500GB HDD for off air recording.

Whats the best way of being able to access my music , assuming I bin the PC? (its too physicslly big, bit noisy and usual Windows PITA)

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If you want a unit with a build-in hard-disk, the Cocktail Audio X10 is worth a look, as it the Vortexbox with Vortex music player. It's pricier, but the Olive 3HD has an HDMI port so you can use the TV as the user-interface.

Their user-interface is terrible for music, but the media players with hard-disk like Ryan PlayOn! are possibles.

If you went to a NAS, then any number of streamers are available, Sonos, Squeezbox, Roomplayer, Linn, Marantz etc

Or you can get a low-power, low-noise HTPC -
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