Can someone help me out with a refresh rate prob?


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hi everyone i have bought this tv recently

no probs with it wicked, the only thing is when i play my 360 i always seem to get slow downs which i never got before. all my games i have show a
60 hrz refresh rate on the box so i set my 360 to 60hrz but still i get the slow down, tried it at 50hrz and i must say it was a bit better but still jerky at times. just wanted to no if anyone else had this prob when using there 360 on a hd tv, i couldnt seem to find out the best refresh rate 4 this tv but if someone could help me out with this id be very greatful

many thanks


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Have you got your AV cable switch selected to HDTV? Don't know if that's what's causing it, but best to make sure first anyway.


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yes mate the switch is on the hd setting is it best to have it on 60hz i mean all the games have 60hz on the front so i guess thats what they say you should run it at, the wierd thing is i never had this prob on my old flat screen that wasn't a hd either
Samsung's have some sort of "game mode feature" I believe, have you tried sticking that on?


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only alters colours like he said going to try using my other 360's cables to see if that helps thanks for your help everyone anyway much appriciated
That only alters brightness, contrast and colour settings.

Ah, well i've never used (and will never use) a Samsung, just going off what i've read.

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