Question Can someone help me find a movie?


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In 2019 I saw a rather weird SF Movie. I saw it during the night, and I do not remember more than 4 scenes.

The characters of the movie were mainly Asians. The movie took place in an Asian country (Taiwan, Philippines or other like that, but not Japan or China). I do not remember well, but the one of the main characters was a man and he had European traits and the second main character was an Asian girl.
The Movie looked to be like a low budget movie. I think that the movie was released only on DVD.

I would describe only the scenes that I saw when I woke up for a second.

In the first scene there was a fight between the main characters and some guys that were wearing suits and sunglasses (they look like some Men in black inspired guys). The fight took place in a hospital. I think, but I am not sure, but the guys in suit wanted to put some nanochips in the main character. The nanochips looked like spiders and moved like them.

In the second scene that I saw, the main characters fled the hospital with one of the main characters car, which was a red Audi R8. I remembered the R8 because in the scene and on the streets weren't many cars, but were many bikes and motorbikes.

In the third scene that I saw, the main characters went to a park, which had a meteor crater. Also, the police was at the scene.

In the fourth scene, the main characters went to an abandoned warehouse, where they meet with an alien. The alien looked like a combination between Kylo Ren and the alien from Prometheus. The man main character and the alien had a fight, and the main character had been shot. From there I started to sleep again.

This are the only things that I remember about the movie.

I was looking on IMCDB for movies that had red Audi R8s, but I did not find anything like in the movie.

But the Audi was from the first generation R8, so I consider that the movie was made between 2007 and 2013.

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