Can someone give me settings for a D1?


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Hi all,

can someone give me some settings for a D1??

I know there is a thread with some settings in there somewhere, but I have spent 30 minutes flicking through it and not found them.

I had a play about with one last night and have to say that I wasn't overly impressed, maybe I was expecting too much, maybe I need some better settings??

Setting I used were user 1 and then set.....

gamma normal
Colour temp middle
and then adjusted the contrast and brightness etc. till I could get it looking decent.

Seemed to push green in the flesh tones and grass looked to vibrant, with the colour saturation knocked way down it looked much nicer, but not quite right still. Problem is from around 20, maybe even 10ire it pushes too much blue the darkers areas, so you can set an outdoor scene and it looks stunning, but the you go into a dark scene and it is way too blue. :(

I wopuld have thought this projector would let you adjust in 10ire steps, but it doesn't even have gain and bias adjustments from what I can see!! w t f is that about??

The other thing was detail, in the dark areas detail is thrown away, now to be honest with the black levels the way they are, very impressive I can live with this, but I thought maybe there is something I have missed?? I am talking about detail in someones black hair or in someones black jacket, doesn't matter if you go to gamma 3 or up the black level it doesn't seem to bring it out, detail I can see on my plasma or on a crt is just missing. As I say though this isn't a deal breaker and given the choice of this detail or the excellent black level I would take the later.

How bright is it!!!!! :eek:
It was only sat 8ft from a 1.3 stewart screen, and it was 6.5ft across, but even on low lamp mode it was far too bright, does it dim considerably after a coupleof hundred hours?? It was too bright for me as it is, so I would hope so.

So I guess the questions are....

were my settings right for out the box settings regarding gamma and colour temp??
Do these push green at the top and blue at the bottom?
Are there setting for getting this right?
Did I have a setting wrong to crush low level detail or is that a compromise for the excellent blacks?
Does it dim a bit?

Thanks :smashin:

oh, one last question, the fan was louder than I was expecting, I have not played with a projector for 2 years, but I am sure they were getting quieter than this was, are thsese quite noisy??
Did you use a test disk to set the white and black levels correctly? That could make a big difference if you didn't - you can't do it accurately any other way.

Gamma normal and middle colour temp should be fine, but try the others and see if things improve. It may need some greyscale calibration if you're seeing tints in a grey scale, especially if the tints are two different colours at each end. The pj has a gamut that exceeds the standard for green (and red to a lesser degree IIRC) so that may explain why grass looks too saturated. Reducing the colour control may help a little, but I beleive it isn't strictly a saturation control, more a lightness control, (or maybe a combination), so it won't necessarily fix it without some reduced lightness in other areas (which is just another innacuracy you don't want).

It comes with a global RGB adjustment and an RGB gain control only I beleive. The greyscale should be flat and be tweakable to D65 with a new lamp if it isn't already there but it's a bummer if you need to get someone in to do it.

Use an ND2 filter to get the reflectance down - you're running at almost Plasma/CRT TV levels (assuming 600 lumens) so I'm not surprised it's too bright!. You can then remove it as the lamp dims.



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Thanks Gary.

I will have another look again over the next week or so I guess.

When it looked good it looked really good, but just a few niggles I wasn't expecting. When looking at the patterns the grey scale looks fine, but when looking at film you could see things were not right, the lack of RGB bias and gain was just surprising and extremly annoying more than anything.

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