can somebody explain why this is a bad idea ?


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A bloke at work bought a plasma and decided the sound is not loud enough, he told me he was going to buy a set of wireless speakers connect them to the stereo out on his Sky digi box and have them at back of room, playing at the same time as his plasmas sound, so the sound is louder, I told him it would sound bad, but he says it would work, and it would be surround sound please try to explain to him it would sound crap and he should invest in a AV amp and set of speakers ! Should he or not ?


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for a start it will not be surround sound,but will be stereo twice and there is a huge difference, it would not necessarily sound crap as long as there is no sound delay from front to rear and that he keeps the front volume higher than the rear so voices dont sound like they are coming from behind , it would beef up the sound enough so it is not blaring but enabled you to hear clearly.
personally though i would invest in a theatre system, great volume great quality and above all 5.1 + surround sound


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there would most likely be a delay as the speakers at the back would be wireless but they wouldnt be setup to take this in to could be noticeable or it might be very slight.....depends on how sensitive he is to lip sync issues....

it wouldnt be surround sound, it would just be dual channel at most it would just make things louder, but i doubt significantly so.....

better to get a set of cheap but cheerful surround speakers and amp......go to Richer Sounds, get the cheapest AV amp (usually something going for £100ish), a pair of floorstanding fronts for £90, bookshelf rears, £40 and centre £30......if he wants he can add a sub at some point too...

alternatively consider one of the PC style speaker setups by Creative or Logitech, those are perfectly adequete for someone who wants a bit of volume and surround sound but isnt too worried about ultimate fidelity....

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