Can RXV650 control Denon DVD-players?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Control & Remote Controls' started by Loewe, Feb 18, 2005.

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    Can anybody get their Yamaha rxv650-remote (european model) to communicate properly with their Denon DVD-player?

    On my 650-control the buttons "work" but are all mixed up (i think stop is play, 3 is 1 ..). The 750-remote works fine, though. Both has only one code for Denon DVD. I guess this is ment to cover all the newer/relevant players.

    I have checked and got the same result with the remotes on all recent Denon players (that I found in a shop) and have even tested Denons universal remote with two codes covering Denons seemingly entire range of about 25 players where one code works on my player, the other absolutely not.

    My investigation have led to the conclusion that Yamaha has made a mistake, even if they say that that can't be the case ant that the remote works on "another player" than mine and that there can't be a fault on my remote.

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