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Can PVRs output in Progressive Mode


Using my new plasma I get noticable lipsynch on freeview.

As it's not a problem via DVD I'm assuming the main cause is the screen deinterlacing the Freeview picture that is causing the bulk of the delay.

So I was thinking if i could get a freeview box, PVR or DVD recorder with Progrssive output for specifically freeview it would help as I expect the box would also auto delay the sound while it is doing the deinterlacing - I'm guessing that this is what my DVD player (Denon 2900) is doing.

Any comment or advice much appreciated.


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Do not think there is any such beast. My Topfield has component but not AFAIK progressive. I do have the same problem with an LCD panel and use a Yamaha amp with audio delay as a result (see my sig; system 2)


Freeview boxes are simply built as cheaply as possible. Even the FV PVR's are cheap, so I don't think we are likely to see any STB's with a progressive output. Even if we did I doubt it would solve the lip sync problem as there is still deinterlacing being done in either the STB or display and the processing causes delay wherever it is done.
If you don't have a receiver that has a delay function then you can buy a separate delay box such as the Felston DD540 or a simpler single input device from JS-Technology.



Thanks very much guys.

I'm a bit surprised about not having Pro Scan available on any freview devices but my limited research has also found nothing.

I think the JS Tech box that MarkE mentions seems to be my best bet but will first see how much it bothers me as I actually watch very little telly and I'd need a new FV box with optical output :(

Just a point Mark is that most boxes that output progressive scan should delay the sound automatically which is why I was aiming for such a device.

Never-the-less if nothing is on the market I see it as another situation where Marketing is holding back on us to make us spend more dosh - I believe HD is also such a marketing thing as if we had proper Pal (575 line) plasmas, HD Players & Discs (HD-DVD & BD) would almost definately die a death.

A thread in it's own right though :rolleyes:

Thanks again.

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