Can PVR box with removed HDD be used for IPTV ?

Rytis Jonas

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So I'm looking to buy some kind of PVR box or something like that to be able to watch IPTV on my old TV, and I see there are some PVR boxes with pretty large HDD's in them. For example:

I don't need to record absolutely anything at all from IPTV, cause most IPTV's allow to rewind a few days on most TV channels by itself (without the need to record anything to PVR HDD), so I was thinking that with such PVR box connected to my home internet network I'll be able to watch IPTV AND make backups of some files from my PC to that PVR box HDD... But after doing some research on internet it seems that this is not possible at all?

Or maybe someone knows a way how to backup files from PC to some PVR box HDD ?

And if that is ABSOLUTELY NOT possible, then maybe I can extract that HDD from PVR box, reformat it and just use it in my PC as a second HDD ? Also using that PVR box for IPTV on my old TV, without it's HDD ?

Would PVR box work for IPTV with missing (removed) it's HDD ?
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No, If you mean IPTV like BBC Iplayer all sorts of options but I think you mean dodgy sky which to talk about it here is against the rules, but no closed box i.e. owned by the suppliers will do what you want. the boxes you have shown are closed and you cannot put your own software / apps on them

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