can not get the surround speakers to work



Hope someone out there can help with this. I have a philips 32 in lcd and a panasonic dvd player with a 5.1 set up. I can not get the surround sound speakers to work when the TV comes through the speakers, but can get them all to work when playing a dvd.

I'm a bit new to all this hi fi business so i'm no doubt doing something daft. Does anyone have any suggestions, is it possible to do what I am trying to do?

TV output is stereo (or mono). If you want TV sound on surround speakers, you have to connect the tv audio output to the AVR (or some sound processor) and spread it to all your speakers, with "DPL II cinema mode" for example.
thanks tujax.

what's "DPL II cinema" is it a feature i change on my dvd player?
Dolby Prologic II. That's simultaneous an enconding format (stuff several channels on only two) and a spreader technology (splits regular two channels on 5). This is usually setup on AVRs. What is your setup anyway? Just the DVD and the TV? Where are the speakers connected?
ahh, thought that was what it was. speakers come out of a subwoofer which is turn connected to the dvd player..........from memory. i have the tv audio output going into the dvd player. i only have tv and dvd.
Well, or the DVD has some capability to apply DPL II on the tv audio it receives, or you're stuck with two speakers when watching TV, as it is a stereo/mono broadcast. Even some dvds -- those recorded in stereo -- will play only on the two front speakers.
also even Pro Logic 2 isnt likely to give that much rear channel info on a normal stereo broadcast/recording, a Nicam or Dolby Surround (not digital, just surround) broadcast/recording will give more rear channel info but still nothing like Dolby Digital for the most part.......
I would disagree to some extent with that, on adverts (almost called them comercials :mad:) the surround effect is used to its fullest, true most older programs don't use it, but newer ones the music or some chatter can usualy be heard.

Fo example on stargate when they are in the base I can always hear a low rumbling 'noise' that comes from all speakers, i think enterprise has a similar effect.
Well, DPLII is actually two different thinks. On a receiver is acts both as a decoder of encoded multichannel (on stereo) and as a spreader.

You guys are talking about the decoding feature of DPL. Some movies and series are encoded in dolby stereo and that in fact produces an intentional surround. For example, I've been seeing Noddy a bit (don't laugh, fathers oblige) and the effects are well noted.

The second feature is just to take a pure stereo material and make an automatic job of spreading it around.

You will note these differences between "DPL cinema" and "DPL music". The first one is for encoded materials, the seconds is for raw stereo stuff.

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