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Can new battery destroy camera?

Discussion in 'Camcorders, Action Cams & Video Making Forum' started by talkbanana2000, May 14, 2005.

  1. talkbanana2000


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    The following is the story but first: I'd like to think that the camera was older and IT failed and was not the battery's cause. It was working fine till I put the new one in.
    Hi, I wonder if you can help.
    I have a Sharp VL AH 150 camcorder. It was working perfectly. I ordered the large BT-H32 battery. When I put it in, the camera instantly went on(switch in off position). As a result. I cannot now turn the camera off. When I put it in VCR mode, it stays there and won't go into camera mode or off even though the switch is in the proper position. The camera will no longer charge a battery via the power supply(red light no longer goes on).
    Now this is how it works now: Being I cannot turn the camera off I either have to take out the battery (if power supply is not connected) or unplug the power supply if it is connected AND take out the battery. To turn on I can either plug in power supply or put battery in. It will automatically turn on to whatever position the switch is in (but not off). In essence, if i'ts in camera mode I can record fine. If I put it in VCR it will play fine, but it will not go back to camera mode(or turn off).
    Obviously the battery blew out a certain circuit in the camera and I wondered if this rings any bells. It's pssible the battery is not shorted and simply sent a surge that jumped past the "on-off" circuit and did its damage? The battery is a Powermart 3.6V 5400mAH Package says " replace BT-H32". Tlhe smaller battery I was using before worked fine and held its charge fine.
    I've finally received my charger in the mail and the new battery and old works just like above. No more camera charging.
    Also, does the guy who sold me the battery (new at ebay) owe me a new camera?

    John USA

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