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Answered Can my Roksan Kandy K2 CD player be saved?


Novice Member
My good old CD player has stopped playing my CDs ;-(
I am new to repairing my Hifi-equipment, but thought I would give it a go in this forum before trying an expensive repair option or giving up.

When I turn the CD player on, it spins and looks for a CD in the drive, and when it doesn't find one says "no disc" as expected: Video1
When I insert a disc it DOES NOT spin and ejects the tray shortly after: Video2

My conclusions so far: The CD motor DOES seem to work since it spins when there is no disc.
However , even if the laser was bad, wouldn't the motor also spin when I insert a disc or is this dependent on the function of the laser?

My question: Is this enough information to diagnose the fault and if so, what would it require to repair my CD player?

Your reply is much appreciated.

Best regards,


Timmy C

Distinguished Member
This list of laser/mechanisms is quite useful but I've found it's not always correct. It's suggesting the Kandy K2 used a Sanyo SF-P101N. Unless someone knows of a quick, free and easy fix I would check if that is indeed the correct part and try another one. I did a quick search and it seems there are some about for little money.

CD-Player-DAC-Transport List


Distinguished Member
Use a chamois-tipped angled cleaning stick or cotton bud moistened with some Isopropyl Alcohol and gently wipe the laser lens. Wait a few mins until the fluid has evaporated then try a disc.


Novice Member
Thank you guys. I am experiencing some weird behaviour. While waiting for a supply of Isopropyl Alcohol, the player suddenly started playing my CD's (9 out of 10 times).
However, with the chassis off, I noticed that some CD's seemed to rotate unevenly - is this common?
Anyhow, I did clean the laser lens as suggested, and I still got 9 out 10 success.
However, the next day, back to square one - laser does not pick up discs at all ;-(
Periodical error or what?
Still sounds like a replacement of the laser unit would solve my problems?

Timmy C

Distinguished Member
I don't know how reliable the unbranded replacement units are but if the info in that link I provided is correct, then you're only looking at around 10 quid for a replacement. If it looks as though that is the correct part I would give it a go.

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