Can more than one device with freeview work together ?


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Apologies if this turns out to be a rather silly question but I am new to digital TV.:confused:

I own an old CRT TV, to which I have recently added a digital hard disk recorder, which has built in freeview. Apart from needing to upgrade my ancient ariel to a digital ariel, which is currently in the process of being resolved, everything was working well. Unfortunately the TV has now died and I am looking to get a new LCD widescreen TV. The one I am interested in has freeview aswell. Am I right to think that there wont be any problem connecting the TV and recorder with them both having freeview ? Also I assume the aerial cable will need to go into my hard disk recorder first then the TV (as per current set up). Will there be any conflicts and do I need to set up anything an a certain way?




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Hi Welcome to AVForums.

Your assumptions are spot on!:thumbsup: Yes you will be able to use your hard disk recorder with your new TV and you are correct that the aerial will have to go to the recorder first and then out to the TV. You will then be able to watch a freeview prog on the TV while recording something else.

If you are buying a new TV you might want to wait until the new models become available in a couple of months, some of which will have DVB -T2 specification Freeview tuners to receive the new Freeview HD broadcasts,

Also there is no such thing as a digital aerial. If your current aerial works and is not falling to bits then leave it. Many areas will soon go through the Digital Switch-Over (DSO) process when the current digital broadcasts will in most areas increase in power by a factor of 10 or more and move onto the old analogue frequencies.


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Thanks for the information Boostrail. I will think about your comments re DVB-T2.

We are not getting switch over till 2011 and our 'local' transmitter'' is quite far away so a new aerial might still be needed for the next year plus the current aerial is a loft one so that doesnt help. :(

Thanks again.



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How well is the freeview tuner in the recorder working for you? If you get all the channels you're supposed to given your post code (check on then don't worry about having your aerial upgraded.

Also, you can test whether or not an aerial is up to the standard needed for digital television by tuning to analogue BBC1,2,ITV,C4 and going to teletext page 284.

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