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Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by LTJ, Nov 7, 2004.

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    Hello all. This is a sound issue
    I'm using an Asus 7NAXE Mother board and recently added a Creative audio of board sound card Audigy 2 nx. I'm using a sweet-spot video capture card,Descaler with a ATI saphire 9600xt graphics card, and I have to say the quality is superb.
    Now my sky box is a basic model with analogue audio output two channel, I'd like to route this into the pc on line in to utilise a very good audio equaliser is this possible, that is to watch sky and process the analogue audio through the system and exit to the amp via the line out.
    There is also another advantage. If I use the line in on the audigy 2 nx I can in theory (if its a digital signal) up sample to 24 bit 96khz.
    Using this method on purely audio that's out via Win Amp using a very extensive eqaulizer ( measured speakers in room using the superb behringer )USB to the Audio 2nx which can upsample the signal to 96khzthen digital to a Musical fidility 96khz DAC analogue out to the amp, the sound is fantastic.

    So to recap my question can sky analogue sound be lined into the PC and outputed sychronised with Descaler?
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    you cant FIR room equalise, though if you measure, and adjusst EQ's you can frequency response compensate - which is what i think you were asking


    though if the nx is the extrenal usb audigy 2 it wont work :(

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