Can IR pass through paint?


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Maybe a stupid question! I've disassembled my Sky "magic eye" and buried the diddy little IR receiver in the surface of the wall of my kitchen. It all looks very neat, apart from the fact it just looks like a black mark on the wall.

If I painted it with a think coat of emulsion, would the IR signal still pass through?


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well i guess the way to test, would be to get an old remote and paint the lens on the front, then see if the remote still works!

Would be interested to know how you get on, keep us posted!


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IR is slightly higher frequecy than visible light so i boubt that enough paint to cover the boak will let IR through, but what you can do is hide the eye out of sight (just behind TV etc) and the IR can bounce to it.


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Well, I can report that after two coats of Dulux Trade Emulsion Magnolia, it does indeed still work!

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