Can iPad PRO replace computer?


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A year ago I received an iPad PRO as a New Year gift. Since then, I have been using it almost every day. It is very convenient, you can watch movies, play games, work and do many other things on it. But can it completely replace a computer or laptop?
I think NO, because a laptop is more convenient to use, it has a keyboard and a mouse. Despite the fact that you can buy yourself a keyboard and connect a mouse to your iPad, it will not be cheap and will not be very convenient to use the mouse. Also, the laptop is more powerful and you can play games on it that cannot be played on the iPad.
But the iPad has its advantages. For example, it is definitely suitable for artists, if you buy an Apple Pencil, you can draw pictures very conveniently. Also, the iPad is more convenient to carry with you than a computer. The charging time and the capacity of the battery are about the same.
Do you think an iPad Pro can replace a laptop? And is it worth buying an ipad PRO for work?


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Tablets are primarily designed for consumption, laptops/PCs etc are designed for production. You can use a tablet for production but it will always be a poor second to a proper keyboard and mouse.

Depends on how hard you want to make things for yourself or whether you want to use it as an artist - you haven't said. I know people who have tried to use tablets (android and i-pads) for office work and they all seemed to go back to a laptop in a very short time. Rarely see tablets as office devices now.


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It purely depends what you are trying to do.
I use my iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard every day - so it has a keyboard and trackpad.
It’s great for me for the writing and research I do. Pages and Numbers are great for my office stuff.
But I also use my iMac every day.
A great many people could just use an iPad, but many also simply cannot.
e.g. I can’t use XCode on an iPad and I need multiple monitors for a lot of the things I do.

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