Can I voice-search BritBox on Fire TV?


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Hi all,

I installed a Fire TV Stick 4K on a friend's TV. She wanted to use BritBox, so I downloaded the BritBox app and signed her up. She can now watch BritBox, but we have problems with voice search. My friend has a tremor and not very good vision, so wants to search by voice rather than with virtual keyboards. Those are a real pain for her. Our problem is that BritBox ignores voice searches.

For example: I've opened the BritBox app and I voice-search for "Scott and Bailey". The TV displays several choices. At least two are from Amazon Prime. I think two are from ITVHub. None are from BritBox, even though it has all episodes of Scott and Bailey series 1 through 5.

The same happens if I search when the BritBox app is closed, e.g. from the Fire TV top level.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Can I make BritBox tell voice search which shows it has? We've tried all the voice commands we can think of, and also looked for this problem on the web, but not found anything useful. BritBox Support told me Fire TV "searches worldwide", which is why it included non-BritBox items from Amazon Prime. But they were silent on why it doesn't find BritBox items, and the behaviour is brain-dead anyway. If I'm IN the BritBox app, I obviously want my searches to look within its content.

P.S. We're in the UK, and using the UK BritBox.

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