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I own a yamaha HTR-5890 (pg 15) and I would like to attach two sets of wireless speakers for other rooms with separate volume controls. I have a manual, but don't understand it wholly. A guy at best buy convinced me it was possible, but I just don't know. Can someone tell me if its possible and if so, point me in the right direction to some avg wireless speakers (for use in bathroom and pool table room). And could you tell me exactly how I would have to set it up (which plugs I'll be using)


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Do you have any speakers connected up at present to the amp? The amp does have a 2nd zone (presence) speaker output, which could be used to drive one set of speakers.

There is no such thing as truly wireless speakers. Speakers require wiring in some form, even if it is just to provide power. In order to control the volume, you need to wire from the amp to the volume control to the speaker. I'm guessing you're in the states, so I recommend you take a look at the Speakercraft range both for the ceiling speakers and volume controls. I use Speakercraft AIM in-walls in my bedroom and they're great for the money. In my bathroom, I use a cheap set of waterproof bathroom in-ceiling speakers but I doubt these are available in the states. They're made by AQ if that helps. Perhaps the guy at Bestbuy can recommend some speakers! ? :D Whatever you buy, aim for 8ohm to keep everything simple. Mine are wired to a hifi amp with A/B speaker output and the music comes from a Logitech Squeezebox. It was very easy to fit but I hid all my speaker cables in the loft and in trunking/conduit inside a wardrobe.

I can highly recommend the Logitech Squeezebox kit for a cheap multi-room setup by the way but that's another issue... would also be worth joining as they will be able to recommend makes/models and suppliers. This forum is predominantly UK based.

Good luck.

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