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Question Can I use this older audio equipment? (Pics included)


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I received a bunch of old audio equipment from someone who was going to throw it all out. I have nothing other than my TV speakers, and I really have no money to invest (hence the reason I took this haha). Anyway, it didn't come with speakers, which I'm sure I can get used for a good price (or free maybe!). So....is it even worth my time to hunt down speakers for this dinosaur? Or should I just forget the whole thing and take it to the recycling place? As a side note, this stuff is in pristine condition (manuals included!). It's not that I'm cheap, it's that I have literally no money to spend. Any suggestions or opinions are appreciated 20151211_131836.jpg 20151211_131744.jpg 20151211_131946.jpg 20151211_131932.jpg 20151211_131805.jpg


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I'm reminded of a NTNOCN sketch involving woofers, tweeters and salad cream.

You appear to have CD player, tape deck, radio, pre-amp & power amp so all you're missing are some speakers and possibly some cables between the various boxes.

As you have the manuals then read them. It'll go sources (cd, radio, tape) into pre-amp, then pre-amp to power amp, then power amp to speakers. All stereo So left and right channel cables pretty much everywhere.

For more into try listing the manufacturer and model numbers here.


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Old they maybe, but they were built in the days when things were made well, ie i noticed on one of your products it says made in Japan, not china as most stuff is now a days.

So simple answer is Yes

Virtually anything is a step up from TV speakers. Be warned though its a dangerous game to start :laugh:

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