Can I use this for sound from a projector?


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Hello all

I am looking to get a projector (nothing too special - say c.£250 for a secondhand one?) for a basement room. I have an old (but perfectly decent) Sony blue Ray / cinema system and would like to use this for sound from the projector if possible. I appreciate there are much better solutions but if this will give a half reasonable sound then it’s much better than my spending more £s that I don’t have and the old system just going to landfill…

I have added a photo of the back of the blue Ray unit so you can see what connections it offers. As the projector is yet to be bought, I guess I need to know what outputs it would need to have. If anyone can suggest any decent models that might be in budget then all the better but I’m wary of asking for too much from all you nice people!!!

Thanks in advance for any help.


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You need an HDMI input on whatever projector you buy.
That blu-ray in your pic has no audio outputs other than it’s HDMI out.

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