Can I use the same sim card in two phones?


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I'd like to be able to use my vodafone sim card in two different phones (without swapping the actual card over each time).

ie - I have a nokia car kit in my car with a nokia phone that I want to use when in the car and a samsung phone that I use elsewhere.

I'd like it so i can use either phone to ring out and if someone calls me, both phones ring.

Is this possible? How would I go about it?




Vodafone do something called "multiSIM" which sounds like what your after. Basiclly you have one number with X amount of SIMs, which you can swap between, IE - Car, mobile, etc.

Your best bet is to either give CS a call to set up. You will have to change your tariff to a multiSIM tariff though (doesn't extend your contract)

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