Can I use one set of speakers for two sources?


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I have a Panasonic PW6 screen with the VGA in (pic only) and a component board (pic and audio). I want to hook up my DVD player and Nintendo Wii. I have a Wii to component cable and a component to VGA cable. So my current position is:

DVD player connected to 'VGA in' via component AND stereo phono to a micro CD amp/player (with one Aux in).

I would now like to connect the Wii to the component/audio do I get sound? I was thinking I'll have to get a set of speakers and wire them from the plasma's speaker terminals.

Could I simply put some speaker wire from the plasma's terminals to the same speakers that are currently connected to the amp? Obviously, only one set of wire will be powering the speakers at any one time, but I wondered if there are any issues...principally knackering the speakers :suicide:

Thanks for bearing with me...:(


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Principally knackering the speakers and its attached equipment would be the likely result if you don't use a switch. An automatic switch such as AS2 Automatic Speaker Level Source Selector | Sonance will solve the problem. A mechanical switch is cheaper, but more annoying.


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Thanks Mark

A relative says he has some old speakers in the loft. That may be the cheapest route for me.

k13 wjd

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I built a custom system for a friend on a budget, that had THREE 5.1 sources......and only 1 set of speakers.

Total cost of switching......£15...........took less than an hour all in.

Bought 3 scart cables from the £1 shop....cut one end off, soldered the ends on to the relative sources, and then soldered a 3 way scart switch onto the speaker cables.


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