Can I use one Android app to control a multitude of hardware?


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Hi All,
I would like to get some information on the apps available on Android that can be used for home automation. Specifically lighting and heating (to begin with). I am not really up to speed with the Android OS and so I have just purchased a couple of devices to have a play with, though these are in the post and have not arrived yet. I am interested in testing out some home automation hardware but will I need to install an app for each piece of hardware? Ideally I would like a single interface that will let me control my lighting, heating and whatever other use I can think of. Is there an app that will allow me to do this? Will I have to purchase all the hardware from a single manufacturer in so that I can use their app for everything?

Thanks in advance for any replies :)


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typically if you wanted to do that you would have some sort of "server" (not necessarily a full blown computer) with hardware that can communicate with the different systems. Then you would have an app that talks to that server so it all has a single UI on the phone/tablet.


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You need 'something' to allow you to develop a common user interface, and then hardware to then communicate with the equipment, be that infra red, RS232 or IP.

Most of the remote control manufactures have iPad / android apps, so once you program up the remote a version is generated for your tablet. We use AMX to do all this, but RTI and URC also have versions.



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Markaroo Said!!!!!!

Can I use one Android app to control a multitude of hardware?

Kind off, Yes.

Its a couple of apps but very simple. Remember your phone or tablet is your controller.
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