Can I use my USB HDD with a new TV?


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Hi all. My Sony XE9005 recently died and I’ve had an XH9505 supplied as a replacement, which is great. One issue is that I had a USB stick in use on the old set for recordings. There are some special programmes on there, particularly the Cricket World Cup final 2019. That’s basically all that matters.

When I try to use the stick with the new TV it wants to register it. Any idea whether that will reformat the drive and wipe all the recordings?

If so, is there any way to get the recordings backed up elsewhere?



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My previous Sony registered USB to the set and it couldn’t be swapped to another - I suspect (though don’t know for sure) that it’s the same and you’ve probably lost the old recordings


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Yes, it will reformat the drive and you’ll lose what’s on there.
That's standard procedure for recording on a TV.


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That’s as I suspected but it’s a bit of a blow. We all know TVs don’t last forever. I wonder if a smart data recovery type could retrieve the files?

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