Can I use my router as a 'repeater' for next-door's WiFi?


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We've just moved and expect to be without internet for a week or more. Next door is a friend who has allowed us to use his WiFi but it's a bit weak other than on rooms nearest his router, and I don't have a wireless setup on my main PC.

Is it possible to use my router as a repeater in some fashion so that all my devices connect to my router as normal, wired/wirelessly, and my router connects to his WiFi rather than to my own broadband connection? It would have the added benefit I don't have to set up all my devices on his WiFi and then make sure they all connect to mine when it's working on my own ADSL later.

I've no idea if this kind of thing is normal functionality on a home router or if there are special terms I should be looking up.

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