Can I use my OS Snow Leopard Disc on another Mac?



My sister has a 2008 Macbook (white plastic one) with OS Leopard on it. She is complaining that it's slow and is constantly throwing up errors. I've done a disc permission repair for her, but it won't let me repair the disc. Just comes back with errors.

I was thinking of using disc utility to wipe the Macbook and start again with a fresh install of Snow Leopard. I have a Snow Leopard disc which came with my iMac 27. I'm not running Moutain Lion on my iMac, so is it ok to use this disc to install Snow Leopard on my sister's Macbook?

Also, is it likely to run it ok?




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Nope, I'm assuming it's the grey disc that you have and that is specific for your model of imac, so it won't be able to run on her macbook
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