Can I use my old sky dish for freesat on LG CX


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Last week our TV Aerial signal dropped out and I need a part for my ladders before I take a look at it. I have also been getting random freezes on the OS of the TV, each time needing to power off at the socket (not what i'd expect of a high end TV?)

So I wondered as an alternative or extra, Is the Satellite connection on the LG CX exclusively to pickup freesat and would my old Sky dish be able to be used, (over 12-15 years old) if so would it need altering?
I read something somewhere that made me think maybe it's already likely to be ok?

Would I gain anything by having both freeview and freesat? If not is one better than the other?
After the aerial dropped out I wondered if the Satellite signal would be more reliable though I also read somewhere that the channels may not be in order and maybe the EPG would not be great?

Out of interest can the Satellite connection be used to pick up any other satellites?

Thanks for any help/advice


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Hi and welcome to the forum.
Connect the dish and see what happens.


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$ky and freesat channels are on the same satellite and for the free channels (BBC, most ITV etc.,.) use the exact same signals for pictures and sound.

The LNB that old is bound to be OK for the LG - IF it's still working and has no water ingress on the cables, nor been knocked off the correct direction.

As Logi says plug it in and see what happens... Take care not to bend over the centre 'pin' conductor as you wiggle it into the TV F-socket... easily done and then nothing works :blush:

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