Question Can I use just one remote for Pioneer TV and AV receiver please?


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I tried the method described in the manual and it says that I need to connect the TV (plasma 609) to the AV receiver (SC-LX57) via the HDMI cable.

It works with one exception (in my case at least) - when using the TV as monitor screen. And this is the only use of this panel, a monitor for my Kodi player. So when I turn On the TV, the AV receiver turns ON (as required) but when Windows boots up, something happens, I don't know what, the graphic card takes over, who knows, it is the moment just before Windows 10 gets to the welcome screen and the screen becomes black briefly just before the login screen. Normal Windows booting behavior, but somehow AVreceiver thinks that the screen was turned OFF???? I am speculating here, I really don't know the internal processes. But the receiver turns OFF.

I have Silverstone case with its own remote, ideally I would like to use that remote to turn ON TV and AVR, as I am using that remote to turn On the PC.

So trying to eliminate as many remotes from this set up as possible. Please share ideas, I am open to trials. Still to find more info on the Silverstone remote (I have read that they were made by a closed-down now Korean company Soundgraph?), but because it is a discontinued model, no much info is available.

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