Can I use HDMI CEC and my record player?


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I have an onkyo tx-sr308 and an LG C1. ARC/HDMI CEC works great. I can use my Chromecast remote to power on/off the tv and receiver. Everything is perfect.

Except(!) I can't figure out how to use other devices connected to my receiver (mainly my record player). If I turn the receiver on to my record player input, the tv also turns on, and changes the receiver input back to my tv.

Is there a configuration I can use that will allow me to keep CEC power control enabled for my tv, but also use other inputs, or do I have to disable it altogether and go back to manually powering my receiver on/off?

I know my receiver is pretty old--do newer models handle this issue better?


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Could you post details on the Onkyo's HDMI setup please, as well as how you've connected your record player? I suspect something like pass-through enabled. Since your AVR doesn't have a phono (TT) input, it would be useful to know how you've addressed this, in case that's the cause.

(See manual, page 29-35).


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HDMI CEC or Control is specific to HDMI equipped devices and only HDMI devices that are HDMI CEC enabled. If a device hasn't an HDMI input otr output then no, it cannot be controlled using HDMI CEC.

THe behaviour of your AV receiver when powered up is due to HDMI CEC and this will sync the AV receiver's power status with that of your HDMI equipped TV. Both are HDMI CEC compliant. The fact that he AV receiver automatically switches itself to the TV audio source is more than likely the result of also having HDMI ARC engaged onboard both theTV and the AV receiver? This is a consequence of using HDMI ARC and cannot be avoided without disabling HDMI ARC. ARC is also depenfant upon HDMI CECfor its functionality.

There's no means by which to control and or sync non HDMI equipped devices in the same way or manner associted qith HDMI equipped devices that are HDMI CEC compliant. THe closest you'd get is to use something akin to a Harmony universal remote, but even this would require that the associated devices are cpontrollable via IR.

So, the on;y way you'd control and or synce devices is if they are equipped with HDMI, connected by HDMI and HDMI CEC enabled/compliant.


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Details of how its set up might point to an issue?

My 515 with Panny TV works mostly OK (ARC enabled) but the TV will fairly often start up (to display the Onkyo's menus, most likely?).

When that happens, I can usually turn the TV back off with no ill effects ... in fact one source (CD player) is in the labelled TV/CD RCA red blacks of the Onkyo analogue in.

I also have a Chromecast Audio (optical) and Chromecast TV (hdmi) in it.

I may well have 'fiddled' with the TV's setup options under hdmi power on / off control functionality to get things how they currently work?

I use the AVR to pass through my SAT pvr vision and sound in standby to the TV.

But hdmi and CEC and different brands can sometimes just behave oddly.

Do try - while the TV has been powered on by the AVR - trying to re-select the record player's input source and then powering the TV to off? (Assuming you haven't already).


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I had a similar issue when I first got my amp that when turning the amp on and selecting an audio only source it would often also turn on the TV.

I found with my amp the source select buttons on the remote are also discrete on commands, so
If the amp is in standby pressing CD turns on the amp with CD already selected. This as far as I can remember solved the issue. I've since disabled every CEC option I can get away with as I use a programmable remote to control it all now.

Not all amps work like that with the source bottoms but worth a try.

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