Can I use both digital & analogue outputs on my Arcam DV78?


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I've just bought a secondhand Arcam DV78 DVD player to go with my AVR300 amp. I heard it a couple of years back and was pretty impressed with the CD playback, which is part of the reason I've picked one up now.

What I'd like to do, however, is to use the analogue outputs (to the CD input of the amp) when I'm playing a CD, and have the amp do the Dolby Digital decoding when I'm playing DVDs by using one of the digital outputs (optical or coax) to the DVD input. I've got a couple of questions, in that case:

- will this actually work or is there some sort of output detection which will make the Arcam use one or the other?

- does this make sense (?!) - my thinking here is that the analogue CD performance of the player is pretty good and probably better than I'm going to get by decoding in the amp, and that in order to actually get multi-channel decoding I'm going to have to use one of the digital outputs - but please correct me if I'm talking nonsense here!

- will the amp automatically go into 2-channel mode when playing CDs? I don't want it trying to use my centre speaker.

Many thanks for any help. I know I could just play with it when it turns up but I thought I'd do some research first!


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This should work fine. I've got an AVR350 but the AVR300 should be the same. The analog outputs from the DVD player can be connected to the CD input on the amp. To listen to CDs, select the "CD" source on the amp. This should switch to "2 Channel Stereo" mode automatically. If not, there is a setting to make it do this. Make sure to hit the "Direct" button to get the amp working in direct stereo mode and remove any signal processing that may be going on.


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Hi mr1970, yes you can. This is a common way to connect one of these DVD players. I use the same config on my AVR280/DV89 and have so on all my DVD players.

Hopes that helps.



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Yep, works beautifully. The AVR300 decoding actually seems pretty damn good, to the point that I had to concentrate to pick up the difference between the two inputs. The analogue's better though, and good enough that I can sell my Roksan CD player.

I'm also astounded by the quality of the SD picture from the DV78 into the composite input of my Samsung LCD. All in all, very pleased with it as a bargain buy (and of course the wife prefers the fact that it now matches the amp...)

Now, if only Arcam made a PVR...
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