Can I Use Blue-tac To Wall Mount My Plasma


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OK, So Blue-Tac probably won't hold the weight of a mighty 42 incher... but I wish there was an easy solution to the problem of wall mounting a plasma screen...

I live in a timber frame building and intend to mount the screen on an external wall- the make up of the wall, is plasterboard on a timber frame.

I was planning to chop out a bracket sized piece of plasterboard, replace with a 'same-size' piece of ply or MDF, fixed to the timber studs, and then fix the bracket to that... is this the best was to mount a screen on a timber stud wall?? I'm sure this has been discussed in previous threads- although I couldn't find any that relate directly.

Any comments?

I just couldn't possibly spend several grand on a telly and put it on a stand.. it's wall or bust.. just how to do it with minimum cost! I wouldn't mind paying an expert to do it for me, anyone know someone who doesn't charge a fortune? Anyone used the Curry's £299 wall mount service?

Please help.. I'm losing sleep on this.


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Easiest way, I would say is to get a peice of 12mm or 18mm MDF slightly smaller than the plasma. Fix this to the wall securing in to the vertical timber studs (4 good strong wood screws should be sufficient but the more the better - for peace of mind). Piant MDF to match wall if you wish and then fix the plasma to the MDF plate.

Little work and no messing up the existing wall other than a few small holes. Job done and sleep easy at night :D


Currys install thread here

You won't have the main problem they mention, but I think they will chicken out at the sight of your stud wall, and maybe charge you a callout. You don't need to pay £300 to have it done like that, for that money you should expect to have it set up, connected, surround sound basic install and setup, and remotes put in your hand. Maybe not buried cables, but it seems they bolt it to the wall and leave.

Just a thought, but where is your equipment going? If it is under the screen, a little thing we do is to mount the MDF to the studs on strip of 2x1 leaving space for the cables. the MDF stands on the floor, plasma mounted on the top edge, make this the height you want it. Make a hole in the MDF everywhere a cable exits the plasma or your gear on it's stand. Now dismantle and paint. When it's dry, thread the cables into the appropriate holes and screw it back together, mount plasma, plug cables and relax. Not a cable in sight, and no making good of the wall.


Never taken one of this. I've got to pay a visit soon though, one of my clients has the panny power supply prob. and I'll have to swap it out, it'll be next Monday.


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Just remember that if you're putting cables in to the wall, it is handy to put a bit of trunking in instead. It allows you to add more cables later.

As for mounting to the walls of a timber frame house, not problem. Just use strong wood between them - do it right and you won't have to cut out the drywall first! Makes the whole job easier if you take it down at a later date.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.


We have our MXE mounted to exactly the same wall type as yours scoooby.

In a similar paranoid frame of mind I fitted a sheet of 12mm MDF to the wall fixed to the wood uprights (only two, as fitting to three would mean an off centre fit), to which was fitted the Plasma bracket.

There's a thread somewere with a diagram i drew - will find it and post link here



On my timber framed external wall i drilled additional holes in the wall bracket at the place of the studs and just screwed straight into the studs.


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Got to say I realy appreciate the response I've had from my posting- big thanks to everyone! I may be able to sleep a little easier now.. although the bank manager may not..

I've been tearing my hair out trying to work out a way to stick the tv to the wall.. I didn't particulary want the thing to fall off. Can you imagine the horror, coming in from the pub and finding your plasma in pieces on the floor.. not to mention the guilt of poisoning the next door neighbours as the noxious gases seep through the letterbox. Nasty.

Thanks for your advice MAW, great idea, but I realy wanted a completly 'flush' fully concealed cable install.. still a nice idea though.

Nealgs- your drawing is realy handy- esp the recomendation of the toggle bolts. Solves a big problem.. thanks.

Now the problem of wall mounting the screen is 'sort of' solved, I turn my attention to hiding the cables- not a great problem realy, just hack out a strip of plasterboard, bury 'em and make good. However, whilst I can get hold of composite, s-video and scart wall plates, I'm not sure what to do with the power lead... what have you guys done? A back-to-front plug socket would be handy!

I may end up buying a blank wall plate and notching out the underside for the cable.. not the neatest solution..

Any cable termination ideas?


Originally posted by scoooby
just hack out a strip of plasterboard

I just drilled 4" holes every couple of feet and fed a piece of wire through and then pulled the cables up. Less damage to the wall and I managed to plaster it myself.


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Thanks for all your help guys..

Just need to buy the screen now.. I've seen some truly incredible offers on ebay..


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CPC are currently selling a universal plasma wall mount for around £70.00ish that can be used on timber frames etc. It's the USA style one. Check it out at I'm planning on getting one for my JVC 26" LCD but with the Euro mount instead for around £50. I think there made by BTEC.


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Originally posted by MAW
Send the money to my business partner, and tell me where you live, I work out the shipping charges....

Only if it's the new coin operated model please! :rotfl:


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Anyone know of any dcent installers who will wall mount the screen for me and bury the cables. (Its an external timber stud wall - timber frame building)

How much should I expect to pay?

I'm rapidly running out of cash here.. it's a bit wallet-draining this av stuff.

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