Can I use an RJ45 splitter to feed my router & NAS from Superhub 2?


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I have decided to move my Airport extreme into my lounge. I want to keep the superhub 2 in the dining room together with my NAS. I am going to run an ethernet cable from the superhub 2 to the lounge. My question is; can I split the output from the superhub 2 to feed the NAS in the dining and the Airport in the lounge. I don't want to move the NAS due to fan noise.



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Yes and no...

You cannot split an Ethernet cable with just 1 Y split, but if you are only running a 10/100 network, you can use a pair of splitters and run 2 Ethernet ports down 1 cable. This is called a cable economiser

This is because there are 4 pairs of conductors in an Ethernet cable and 10/100 only needs 2 pairs. If you are running Gigabit networks, then this will not work, as this uses all cores.

A better bet would be a small Ethernet Switch. This is an electronic device, that routes the Ethernet signal to your equipment. It has a single connection from your router and then 5,12 or more outputs for you to connect to. The switches can be had for less than £20. Here's one that I have. TP-Link TL-SG1005D 5-Port Gigabit Unmanaged Desktop Switch: Computers & Accessories

That being said, your Superhub has 4 outputs anyway, so can you not just run separate cables?


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Many thanks noiseboy72.
I am using the superhub 2 in modem mode so the ethernet ports are disabled. It's feeding the latest Apple Airport Extreme. I have a 100 mbs connection which is great connected via wireless n but terrible on g. Looks like the Ethernet switch is the way to go. Am I correct in assuming I can then run one output of the switch to my router in the lounge, and one to my NAS in the dining room?


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No because it will be in a different room and I want to use the ethernet ports on the Apple into my Sky box and BD player.
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