Can I use an Arcam A22 as a pre amp only


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Can anyone tell me if its safe for me to connect my Dads Audiolab 8000p power amp to my Arcam A22 amps pre-outs?

There is no bi-amping involved, its so I can hear the difference between the power amp stage of the A22 and his power amp. Mainly to see if his amp drives my Dyn Contour 1.3mkII better. I want to use the A22 just as a pre amp. Will connecting the Audiolab power amp to the pre-outs achieve this and is it safe to do so? I dont wanna blow his amp up (or mine for that matter)!

I hope the above makes sense.

Thanks - Keith


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Hi, Shouldn't be any problem at all.

The only thing to watch for is that with no load on the A22 the protection circuitry might get confised if you play the system loud and shut the A22 down. This is because it thinks there is too much voltage accross the output stage for the current being draw. In fact there will be almost no current drawn which is what makes the voltage much higher. So if it does go off just switch it off leave it for a few mins and then turn it back on again and all should be well again.



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Thanks for the reply Andrew, its much appreciated.

I have a feeling the power amp wont make much difference but I'd like to try it. Even if it doesnt its still interesting to hear different kit.

As an aside question for anyone here - my room is 25ft x 10ft and my problem is the small Dynaudio Contour 1.3mkII simply wont fill the room with any meaningful deep bass. Its a shame cos I love the overall sound all I want is more bass. Do you think the Contour 1.8mkII's are a better option than adding a subwoofer? If so how will my Arcam A22 cope with driving them, I dont listen very loud.

Edit - This is purely for listening to music in stereo.

Regards, Keith

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