Can i use a secondhand sky+ box?


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As the title suggest I am considering buying a used sky+ box, I would like sky+ but i dont reallt get that much time to watch TV and everyone keeps telling me how they watch more TV since getting sky+ ( I pressume because its so convienent)

Because of this I will not pay £200 for the box, if i were to purchase a used box and fit the LNB myself, canI just ring sky up, tell them what I have done and then have all its uses, i already have the movie channels so i gather i wont have to pay anything extra??



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No problems buying used or new hardware yourself and installing it yourself. Your existing smartcard will be used with SKY+ so it is just a case of ringing SKY and marrying the card to the SKY+ and activating the service which as a SKY movie world subscriber is free of charge.

Could you really get a second hand SKY+ with Quad LNB and all the cables for less than the cost of a new SKY+ which comes with installation and a 12 month warranty?

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