Can I use a mouse and keyboard?


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Hi all, as the title says really. Can I use a mouse and keyboard to play games on the ps3? I really struggle with some games using a controller (call of duty etc)

I know it would have to be a bluetooth mouse and board ( i think?)

If its possible, could someone suggest somthing cheapish please.



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There is the FragFX v.2 which a mouse for PS3 and is compatible with games, there is also a thread similar to your question here.

Though it begs the question, why not just buy COD for the PC?


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The short answer is no. Devices like the FragFX try to give the same feel as a mouse + keyboard but they're still not quite the same.

Just play through the single player campaign of CoD, by the end of it you will be a lot more used to the joypad! I had the same issue when I got my PS3 but after playing through a game or two you get used to it :)


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The mouse's for the PS3 are not official PS3 products. They don't have the same slick feel as a PC mouse. However I do think they shouldn't be excluded from choice so easily, it does depend on how motivated you are to use a mouse and how unwilling you are to stick with joypad controller.

There is more than one mouse product available for PS3, you should read this thread.


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I use a Frag FXv2 when playing COD and KZ2. Whilst it's not a true 'PC' mouse and keyboard like experience it certainly helps me enjoy gaming and I can keep up with mates playing online.

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