Can I trust online retailers???


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Hi All

I am looking to buy a Panasonic GF5, and the cheapest seem to be Simply Electronics and ProCameraShop. Can I go wrong by buying from an online retailer such as these?

If anyone has any other suggestions for retailers, I would be really grateful if you could let me know.

Many thanks in advance.



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I wouldn't personally. Cameraworld are a fantastic UK camera shop as trustworthy as jessops, but cheaper


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If they don't look like a UK company with decent UK backup then they are a Hong Kong company with dodgy support.

You pay your money and take your chance but I wouldn't touch simply with a bargepole and everytime I look at procamerashop I have second thoughts.


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Thanks to you all for your replies. I should have Googled them myself! Suffice to say, I'll be steering clear!

Any more suggestions?

Thanks again


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Many online retailers - yes

Simply Electronics - no way




Used Digital Rev a couple of times, never had a problem. Bought a couple of lenses and camera's from them. They are based in HK. Just to mention that you won't get a UK warranty.


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Really appreciate all of the input - thanks.

I have gone for Parks Camera's as they seem really professional on the phone, have really good reviews, and I can collect from their shop (1hr drive). £525 with power X lens, then £50.00 cash back.

Next newbie question.......

How is the best way of securing the lens cap? I have seen some straps which stick on, but I'm not confident it will stay stuck! Does Panasonic not sell one with a strap attached??

Also, where is best to get a good SD card from?

Thanks again


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Straps I dont know but mymemory usually have good deals on sandisk ultra and extreme cards, my last ultra 16gb costing £8.50, and are used by many. Myself a few times.


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Collected the camera from Park Cameras, and was amazed at the set up. All the cameras and equipment imaginable on display, and very knowledgeable staff. I am only an amateur, but I would 100% recommend this shop. On top of this, the were the cheapest for UK stock cameras.

Not had chance to paly with the camera yet. However, I have modified the lans cap, but drilling a very small hole in the side, and attaching a strap - very pleased with the result.

Memory card from mymemory ordered.

Anyway, thanks to all for your help!

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