Can I switch over completely to component?

richard plumb

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I currently have all of my kit going into my LCD via svideo - everything goes through an svideo switch and one wire to my TV. Tivo (RGB) goes through an RGB-Svideo converter, everything else has its own svideo output.

Now, I'm upgrading the TV ready for skyHD/xbox 360 etc. Can I switch from svideo to component relatively easily? I'd like to avoid unnecessary expense or spaghetti. I'd also want to avoid having to select inputs from two different places (eg on TV, and on component switch box and maybe SCART switch box)

Current/soon to be coming equipment:

Philips 963SA DVD player (component out available)
Xbox (can change the cables to component)
Sky via Tivo (RGB or composite only as standard)
Sky HD eventually (probably HDMI cable direct, or might go component for convenience)
PS2/gamecube (can change the cables to component)
Xbox 360 (component)

As you can see, the old sky box/Tivo is an issue. Whenever I get SkyHD the Tivo will go in the spare room most likely, so I'd prefer not to buy an expensive component converter.

Can I avoid running a separate RGB SCART cable to the TV, or should I have one of those just in case anyway? (and use it temporarily with Sky)?

BTW, I'm considering the scancom 4x2 component switcher, if anyone has any comments? It'd be handy to simultaneously feed my TV and projector.


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JS Tech RGB-YUV converter for your Sky/TiVO. Makes for a very easy to use system through a single switching source, and also gives the advantage of progressive scan where your source has it (consoles and DVD player).

richard plumb

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I thought someone would say that :)

Only problem is the converter costs more than the switcher I'm planning to buy. I wonder if I can trade in my JS RGB-Svideo converter?

Would you risk not running RGB SCART to the TV (will be either trunked or behind wall)? I'm at a loss to work out what I might buy in the future that won't be component. My video camera/digital camera/ipod can connect temporarily via svideo on the side at a push


Previously Liam @ Prog AV
I would run RGB scart and not regard it as a risk. But that doesn't give you single source selection...

If you can ignore the single source requirement, you can run one RGB scart and one component to the screen. Then have one budget RGB scart switch (BTEC Triton) if you add more scart devices (DVD R?) and your component switch to select the various component sources.


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It's actually possible to hack your TiVo to output component, over a SCART-Component cable. I can't remember the details at the minute, but if you do a search on this board there are some links to with everything you need to know.

That would allow you to get component out for about £30 (the cost of a reasonable SCART-component lead, such as the Profigold one).

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