Can I switch my 2x Apple Watches to any of the other 2 iPhones without erasing the Apple Watches ?


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I have the following setup:
  • 1x Apple / iCloud account with 3x iPhones, 2x Apple Watches;
  • 3x iPhones: 1x iPhone XS Max, 1x iPhone X, 1x iPhone 6S Plus;
  • 2x Apple Watches: 1x Apple Watch 5, 1x Apple Watch 6;
  • Apple Watches have no backup to iCloud;
  • Apple Watches hold Voice Memos that I need and were not synced to iCloud;
  • Both Apple Watches linked to the Iphone XS Max;
  • All iPhones and Apple Watches run the latest version of iOS / WatchOS.

I find myself in the following situation:
  • iPhone XS Max dies on me (short circuit) after 2 years and 1 months of use (having 2 years of warranty).
  • Iphone XS Max is dead - device short circuited (DFU or other mode not working, no haptics on mute switch, iTunes does not see the phone), probably can be solved in a service, but I do not want a MoBo swap as it would basically be new phone (and I have some photos there that have not been backed up).
  • Apple Watches both linked to the iPhone XS Max, with valuable data to me and no backup on iCloud.

Can you please help me with the below questions ?
  • Can I switch my 2x Apple Watches to any of the other 2 iPhones without erasing the Apple Watches ?
  • Is there some way to directly backup the Apple Watches
  • Any other ideeas on how I could get my valuable data from my Apple Watches ? :)

Thanks in advance for the effort put to read my message.

Best regards,


Dave X

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Your post is a little unclear, but it is now possible to transfer Apple Watch between iPhones and not lose data, last week I went from iPhone XR to iPhone 8 (choose to pair to the new iPhone at the prompt) and then from the iPhone 8 to my new iPhone 12 a couple of days later (again, choose to pair at the prompt) and everything carries over on the Watch, surprisingly it doesn’t even remove ApplePay cards in the Watch‘s wallet when it switches paired phone.

Your only problem might be that one phone is dead.

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