Can I see any data about me that a company holds?



I'm looking for some help and any references to cast iron UK based data requests.

Long story short where we live uses a management company and (without giving too many specifics you gossip hungry scamps) I raised a formal complaint in writing 5 months ago as it transpired that 1 house in a block of 4 was paying substantially less than the other 3 (I live in one of the other 3). The 1 house is a carbon copy and is exactly the same in every way shape or form. There are no differences whatsoever. Yet it appears that they were not added to the same schedule of costs (shared car park and garage maintenance, insurance) and have, therefore, over the course of the development's life, paid around £2k less than the other 3. Now I do take some responsibility as previously I have never really bothered looking through the accounts that they deliver as I'ts never fussed me and I assumed wrongly that they would be correct but I got an email from the owners association stating that the management company were known for billing incorrectly so I just looked and voilà..

Now there are several ways to look at this and to be frank as long as we all pay the same I'm not too fussed how it works out in the long run, we could pay less, they could pay more, they could be added to the same schedule yadda yadda. That's not my concern as I and the other 2 houses have done nothing wrong and neither has the owner of the 1.

To make it clear I'm not looking here to hang the 1 house out to dry and for them to have a huge bill especially as the house has just been bought by a really nice couple. All I and the other owners want is parity as we now all know.

None of this is the point. It's taken this amount of time to get a response from the Management company. And the only reason they have responded (and asked for a face to face meeting) is because I have posted on their 'social media' page every day for a week stating that they had not responded to a complaint made in writing several months ago and chased on an almost weekly basis both in writing and via telephone (it's funny that they suddenly started taking notice and my profile suddenly started receiving several hits from their company...).

So my question is can I see all communications that they hold with reference to me both internal or external? I know that in our company we certainly do that as we only use 1 x system and all notes can be requested (internal and customer facing notes are all on the 1 'screen'). Can I ask for any internal emails that relate to me or my complaint?

So if anyone has some pertinent, relevant and constructive advice I'd love to hear it!



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Doubt you'd get to see internal emails but if they have a logging system you'd be able to see the notes on that on request, well that's the way it was at my old job (it support but bad/wrong/complaint tickets could end up costing big bucks) how you would request it and how they would suppmy it is another matter though.


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Subject Access Request is your friend (make it clear on any request you send). I've succesfully gone down this alley myself. Having to deal with elements of it in my own work, I even told the company how to handle the request and the time frames involved. They ignored it despite me handing it in personally after the first, tracked letter was ignored (small firm in a mid size market town, with ideas very much above their station), so went down the IC route. Company owner claimed we were wasting their time, but had to comply with the IC. TBH, its not really even tricky to get judgment in your favour, its just common sense. Hope the company you deal with also realise this.

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