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Can I save a 1080/50p file copy it and then adjust format of copy?

Sulis Minerva

Standard Member
Hello, complete noob to camcorders. I bought a Panasonic HDC-SD900 today as my partner is due to give birth in the next 48 hrs and I want to capture the very first visits of family to the new child. I don't have the computer or software to support the camera yet. Just got it asap and as high spec as I could in an attempt to 'future-proof'. If I record in 1080/50p mode, will I eventually be able to save that file, then copy the file so I have two copies and then lower the file spec of one of them so that it could be put onto a traditional DVD etc? I appreciate that I could record at a lower spec and go straight to DVD, but I want to be able to keep the best quality that I can for when I can finally afford all the other stuff that I will need to enjoy the footage in its highest spec. Sorry to waffle, but not techy and no experience. Just want to catch those first moments for prosperity! Thanks for any advice, Sulis


Distinguished Member
Software tends to make copies of the original and then leave it intact

Sulis Minerva

Standard Member
Thanks for replying to such a noob, really appreciated. Which software is best for 1080/50p? I have read in some places that adobe première for example, may not support it and naturally, Panasonic have not recommended an alternative to the software they supply.


Established Member
AVCHD is still new so not everything supports it but you can convert your clips to a more manageable format (with something like Handbrake) then edit those (with something like Windows Movie Maker) then burn that (with something like DVD styler) and you haven't spent any money. The loss in quality from the conversion wouldn't matter after you convert to DVD.

It would be better to keep top a quality edited master in AVCHD but that would require spending money. I have no experience editing AVCHD so I'll shut up now.


Distinguished Member
AVHCD has to be at least partially transcoded to edit it, as it is a long GOP format...But don't let that worry you! Different edit programs do it in different ways and pretty much all will allow you to edit the file without much, if any loss of quality.

Pinnacle does a good job for the money. Once edited, you can export the output in different formats, Full HD to Bluray, SD to DVD, even directly to YouTube. You will probably want to invest in a NAS - ideally with RAID just to give you peace of mind, and save copies of all your files to it.


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In the FAQ there is a post for the optimum settings of Sony Vegas Movie Studio 10 HD platinum for importing Panasonic SD90 1080/50p footage and then editing. I tried it and it seems quite good. The software can be had for about £25 on Amazon. I'm also new to this and I still trying to research if its possible to render in 1080/50p rather than 1080i. Any suggestions most welcome.


Standard Member
phda - please could you point me in the right direction for the 'optimum settings of Sony Vegas Movie Studio 10 HD platinum for importing Panasonic SD90 1080/50p footage and then editing' that you mention? Thanks.

I have tried a search but to no avail - I'm new around here :confused: !

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