Can I run speaker cable alongside other cable ?


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I'm looking at the possibility of running my speaker cable on the outside of the house and then back in again. I will enclose it in trunking of some sort, but was wondering if it was OK to put Cat5 cable for networking and a telephone cable in the same trunking alongside the speaker cable ?


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My rear speaker cables, Sky satelite feed ,modem telephone cable and the cable for my bathroom speakers all run next to each other. Can't say I've noticed any interference.

Cheers, Mylo:smoke:


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There will be a lot of answers saying that in theory you shouldn't run high and low level cables together,or those carrying RF and similar signals next to interconnects etc.
Like mylo,several of the cable feeds in my system do run quite close together,and I have no problems with crosstalk or interference.
If you do have problems,that's the time to begin separating cable runs,or using shielded cables.


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I think I'll give it a try and see what happens. I could always put them in separate trunking if it becomes a problem.

Joe Fernand

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The CAT5 will probably not be an issue - the telephone cable may; try it out internally first to see if you get problems.

You will though have to ensure the speaker cables you use for the external run is designed to work at sub zero temperatures - I've been to Mansfield its not warm!

Not all HiFi speaker will be sub zero rated and though they will work they will eventually harden and perish in the conduit; and ensure the conduit is for external use (temperature, water and sunlight resistant).

I'd also try to ensure your cable runs are lower than the height of your kit - just in case you ever get water into the conduit.

Best regards



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Cheers Joe, that's something I'd not thought of.

ian dem

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hi John,can i just ask where you got your trunking from?
I'm lookin for some myself & i'm having trouble locating it!



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the last time i did some outdoor cabling was for electric cables around the pond. I used something similar to this
Heavy duty outdoor conduit
It's round (in cross-section) and very tough. It can also be fixed to walls using special fixings.

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