Can I 'restore' my games to a new PS3?

Jon Weaver

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I have just had my PS3 swapped out because my old one crashed/froze frequently.

I was under the impression that I could simply take a 'backup' and then use the 'restore' feature.

But I have done this and its literally only restored a couple of videos and my saves.

None of the system settings have been restored (perhaps not unexpected), my 'accounts' are not there, but most annoying is that I have no games.

I have downloaded a load of 'demos' and they have not been restored.. But more significant is 'Warhawk' (along with the Omega Factory update and the 1.20 patch) which i have bought.

I can obviously download everything again, but this is a real pain.. Is there any way to restore this from my backup?


The Jayler

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I had the same problrm Jon when i had mine replaced.
I used a usb stick to transfer all the files to my PC
Games though need to be redownloaded. If the game you have downloaded is now not showing on the PS store (i.e. Wipeout) go in to your acc and find the game from the downloads menu and it will allow you to re download it for free.
I saved all the downloaded trailers to the USB stick and they transfered fine. As did the themes.


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You can download Warhawk on to the new PS3 by setting up your original username and online ID/account. Just go into your download history and select and download it again. Same with the update pack. There won't be any additional charge for them.

Jon Weaver

Distinguished Member
I realise that I can re-download everything with no charge, but its a right pain.

I had about 6 gigs of download and now I am having to do it all over again....

I just assumed a 'restore' would do more than it did!! The actual 'backup' contains all my games (I can tell because the archive is 6gigs), but I can't restore them!

Never mind.. In a few hours it will be done!


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