Can i Remove Fans from My PC Case now?


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I've had Antec Cooler Pro 7 since few months and now am replacing that with H50..

i don't overclock my PC and my Graphic Card is 8600GT with its own fan.

at the moment i have 4x Case fans in PC.

1x Front, 1x Side, 1x Rear and 1x Top...

front fan helps HDDs temp..

i was thinking since the rear fan will be replaced with H50 Pump fan.. can i remove the side and top fan? and keep the front fan?

it won't hurt my PC will it?

just wanna do that to reduce the noise.


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Give it a try and see what the temperatures do, if you H50 doesn't have a fan built in then you will have to keep the one attached to that though.


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Does the GT exhaust outside the case? If so you should be able to remove all but the fan on the H50. Make sure you seal all the gaps in the case (fit the blanking panels in any free 5.25" bays etc, if there are large gaps tape them up) everywhere except the lower front area by the HDDs. Drives actually need very little airflow to cool them and are usually fine with no direct airflow at all if they aren't packed closely together.


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everything is fine in my PC except the Graphic Card which needs cleaning..

idle temp of Graphic Card is 65

Am just looking for replacement card but wanna save up some more and go for a good upgrade along with a better power supply

Thanks for the help guys :)


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The fans are there for cooling. I'd recommend you have them. However, if you want something quieter. I'd recommend getting some other fans to replace them all. I use Scythe gentle typhoon 1450rpm fans. Something like that or the golf ball fans are getting great reviews! :thumbsup:

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